Until September 2011, the AcceptIO.com web site had a fairly simple look. Things at least look a lot nicer since then compared to a while back. At this time, we don't have a whole lot more content on the site, but we have converted it so that it's managed by a web content management system (CMS) called Joomla! (the exclamation point is their idea, not ours). As part of the recent site maintenance, we took the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version.

f you are so inclined, you can find out more about Joomla! at their web site: http://www.joomla.org. Do we recommend Joomla! if you are looking to build your own web site? Well, kind of yes, kind of no. There are approximately 3 billion CMSs available in the world today, and Joomla! is one of them. Most of them, like Joomla!, are free. We picked Joomla! because it's among the top two or three most popular, is reasonable to learn how to use, has a reasonable technical overhead, and because we were tired of comparison shopping for CMSs.

The process of adding content to AcceptIO.com will be ongoing, with a fair amount of activity over the next several weeks to a couple of months. A lot of the actual activity will be behind the scenes, but visible features will occasionally pop out. During that time, you may see something shuffling around from here to there or even sometimes disappearing completely. That's just because we can't make up our minds.

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