HowTo: Change your password using SquirrelMail


This is a description of how to use the password change feature in SquirrelMail. Although the user interface is part of SquirrelMail, the password change applies to everything on for that mailbox account. We're providing a bit more detail than is necessary for experienced SquirelMail users since some people following this procedure might not otherwise be using SquirrelMail at all.

1. Log onto SquirrelMail.

2. From the top menu, select "Options".

3. From the "Options" screen, select "Change Password"

4. On the "Change Password" screen, enter your current password and your new password (repeated in case you made a typo). Note: SquirrelMail requires at least digit and at least one lowercase letter in the new password, and it must be at least 7 characters long. We encourage you to pick an even better password. See our HowTo: Select and manage your passwords.

5. Click "Submit" to finish. Assuming no problems, you'll be returned to the "Options" screen and will see this success message:


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