[Update: SM is gone]

SquirrelMail used to be one of the most popular open source webmail packages around. It was the first webmail package we installed on AcceptIO. That was many years ago, when woolly mammoths roamed the earth. SquirrelMail has not had even a minor release since July 2011. It is written in the PHP programming language, and PHP has had many releases over those intervening years. Our recent operating system and infrastructure upgrade has highlighted the fact that SquirrelMail is increasingly difficult to operate in a modern environment. It has many problems in a current PHP environment, some of which can lead to serious security problems for our site and for you.

Unless something changes in the SquirrelMail development project, we will stop supporting SquirrelMail and remove it from our web site at the end of this year, 31 December 2019. As we have done for quite a while, we recommend that anyone wanting to use a webmail interface should switch to Roundcube (https://www.AcceptIO.com/rc). Roundcube is actively maintained and has many user interface advantages compared to SquirrelMail.


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