Would you like to use your Google contacts as an address book for your email program? That's simple with an email app on your Android phone, but AcceptIO users can also do that with most desktop or web mail applications. For details about how you can use this feature, read this article: How to use your Google contacts with AcceptIO.

This page that you are currently viewing is for setting up the necessary access controls and permissions. The overall process is:

  1. Login to the AcceptIO site
  2. Authorize AcceptIO to access some of your Google data
  3. Use your Google data in your email program or other application

You will be authorizing AcceptIO to access your Google contacts, as well as your own profile details tied to your Google account. (See Authorization consent on Google below, if you are logged in at AcceptIO and have not yet done this step.) We use the profile details to display your Google identity on this page so that you can be sure you've associated your AcceptIO identity with the appropriate Google identity (in case you have multiple Google accounts). In any case, AcceptIO only reads from that information and never modifies it in any way.

Repeating for clarity: AcceptIO does not add, delete, or modify any of your Google contacts or profile data.

There are a few other things you can do from this page:

You must login to the AcceptIO site before you can use this feature. Look for the Login item in the site menu, and then return to this page.

This feature at AcceptIO powered in whole or in part by software from the open source gcontact project.
Operation of this feature at AcceptIO is the responsibility of the local site support contacts.

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