The last few weeks of 2014 brought about a pretty dramatic increase in arriving spam. Like us, you probably saw your share of fake Fedex delivery problem notices, fake Amazon bonus coupons, and the usual assortment of quack medicines for diabetes and ED cures. One of the characteristics of the recent rising tide is that it seems to be exploiting previously captured lists of email addresses from security breaches at places like Adobe.

If too much spam is making it to your inbox, you might like to consider tuning your settings related to spam scoring. You can read about in the article Spam Scoring and Actions. If you are using the suffixing feature to create different email addresses for different sites, you can use our email filtering feature to block specific email addresses. For example, if you are using the email address "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." with Adobe's site, but you are now getting a ton of spam for that address, you can do something about it with the following recipe:

We don't have an automated process for setting up email filtering, but our happy and cheerful AcceptIO elves will be happy to cheerfully do it for you manually if you tell us what emails address suffixes you want blocked.